Yeah, you're right....

RO-Sped is not a classical "forwarding agent". Decades ago, our customers started asking us for additional services, and we developed the solutions to meet their requirements. 

"simply - EASY"

Our best concepts have been implemented with the simply - EASY principle.

Our know-how gets your LOGISTICS

moving Let our innovative ideas and longstanding experience inspire you, and allow us to help you find highly efficient answers to your logistical challenges in global competition.

Jointly into a successful future

We have to cooperate to find the best solution. We help you to think outside of the box and look into the future. We think things through for you, taking the time you often don't have in your day-to-day operations. We implement the measures that take you into the future.

We look after the entire logistics chain

In our economy based on the division of labour, it is a great challenge to get and retain a comprehensive overview of the entire logistics chain. For some decades now, RO-Sped has been facing this task to our customers' satisfaction.

In times of market globalization, it is more and more important that a company takes the overall responsibility and has an overview of the entire process.

RO-Sped offers one-stop solutions for material and information flow.

"The competition is not among means of transport but among transport chains" . Our concepts are designed to organize, optimize, and accompany the flow of information and the material flow.

As a transport chain architect, RO-Sped always finds the best solution in close coordination with the customer. Our quality management system provides constant optimization and support for these processes.